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Hybrid Johnson Type American BulldogCBRK DOG: CBRK'S BIG MAVIS OF JB'S:
A Gorgeous Purebred Female American Bulldog

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female hybrid Johnson type American Bulldog Mavis is a large, structurally correct, very strong and athletic female American Bulldog. While she's a great looking older style Johnson type girl with fantastic temperament, a huge personality and plenty of drive Mavis does not have the squashed English Bulldog styled face common to the Johnson type dogs. As such Mavis is a clear breather with plenty of wind to be a proper working American Bulldog. Also, at over 26 inches tall at the shoulders and 110 pounds our Mavis is actually quite a bit larger than many male American Bulldogs seen today.

Mavis comes to us from Kentucky, bred by JB's American Bulldog Kennel. She has the perfect, traditional American Bulldog temperament: High protection drive paired with a true loyalty to her family, a strong desire to please and a totally docile and loving disposition towards children. We expect to see some really nice pups from her and Camo in the future.

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American Bulldog Profile: CBRK's Big Mavis of JB's