Johnson American Bulldog
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Hybrid Johnson Type American BulldogCBRK DOG: Bully the BullDozer a/k/a "Dozer":
A Rare GIGANTIC Purebred Male American Bulldog of Epic Proportions

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male American Bulldog Excellent structure, smooth, fluid motion, clear breathing and he turns, cuts, and runs like a big cat. Characteristics like these are almost never seen in such a large dog - and at over 27 inches and 140 pounds, Dozer is in fact one of the largest purebred American Bulldogs in the world.

Dozer comes to us from Amber Bailey over at Odyssey Bulldogs in Kansas City, Kansas. We cannot thank Amber enough for such a truly fantastic addition to the CBRK breeding program.

Regarding temperament Dozer is exactly what we always want in our American Bulldogs: Sweet as pie, gentle and truly loving with children, and a serious, high drive, "stands his ground" attitude when it's time to protect. Dozer is a highly committed natural family protection dog and with his size, speed and agility, he is also highly capable. At the same time this dog loves nothing more than snuggling with the kids - and when you see Dozer playing with the kids it's just hilarious. It's as if they have their own silly pet Sesame Street monster, yet he's also just so careful and self-controlled. Dozer also gets along well with other dogs, even strange male dogs and that's a pretty big deal in the world of American Bulldogs.

Look for our Dozer puppies in the future. He brings massive bone and muscle to the table, along with the quintessential American Bulldog dichotomy of temperament, being both a very high drive protection dog, but also very child oriented and gentle with family.

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