Dog prey drive and pack protection drives explained...
All about dog prey and pack protection drives American Bulldogs & Bandogges have lower prey drive and higher pack protection drive

Working IPO Schutzhund Personal Protection trained American Bulldog & Bandogge guard dog with strong pack protection driveDog Prey Drive .vs Protection Drive
Two Different Types of Personal Protection Dog

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High prey drive Belgian Shepherd attacks police officer Calm Dog Temperaments
With American Bulldogs & Bandogges
Lower Police & Civilian Liability Issues

Something that everyone and especially fellow professional dog trainers should take note of... CBRK dogs are totally safe dogs in groups of strangers, showing no agitation or anxiety, not even in very loud and boisterous public crowd environments. This high stress circumstance is one in which more than one Police K-9 handler knows to keep a firm hand on the leash.

It's not my intention to in any way denigrate police dogs - not in the least! I love police dogs and respect the very serious, necessary and effective service they and their highly professional Law Enforcement K-9 handlers perform. This in part is why I wish to breed a better type of working dog. Most protection trained American Bulldogs and Bandogges are naturally more "mellow" and laid back than most (not all) protection trained German and Belgian Shepherds. This makes the dog easier to control and allows them to reliably perform the same jobs with greater safety, less force escalation, and much lower liability concerns. These are valuable characteristics for working dogs, whether you're a civilian handler, a police K-9 officer, or simply a parent that wants a protection dog to help keep your family safe.

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High prey drive German Shepherd police dog attacks reporterWhile CBRK dogs will bite the "bad guy" if it's necessary, they are naturally calm, stable minded and patient dogs. They do not require "special handling" or a secured kennel facility to keep them out of trouble when they're not on duty. Our dogs are always on duty and never nervous or "edgy" under any circumstance... not even being pet or hugged by strangers. Many working dogs employed by civilian families and police agencies present serious risk of liability with high prey drives that do not make for naturally stable dogs in public.

Dog Prey Drive .vs Pack Protection/Defense Drive
Understanding the Difference & Why It Really Matters

These traits are precisely what characterizes the typical, well bred, properly socialized and trained American Bulldogs and with a few exceptions Bandogges also. While they do have good prey drive their more dominant drive is that for pack protection. CBRK would argue that less dominant prey drive and more dominant pack protection drive is of great advantage in any Personal Protection, guard or police K-9, but we recognize it's a debatable issue for full-time military and police dogs. However, it is a self-evident fact that for a family companion guardian dog certainly nothing else is appropriate.

High prey drive, IPO Personal Protection, professional security police dogs difficult to controlPrey drive by definition is to chase and kill. Prey drive is the instinctual drive that causes animals to chase and kill smaller animals in order to feed themselves. As a professional dog trainer, as a dog breeder focused on Personal Protection dogs and as a former law enforcement officer I can tell you, inappropriate activation of a dog's prey drive is the primary cause of most inappropriate and the most serious inappropriate dog bite incidents. Even thoroughly trained high prey drive dogs can be difficult to control - even for professionals. A dog with highly developed prey drive is not something we really want to see in the back yard with the kids and their friends, no matter how dangerous it may make a dog to the "bad guy" - the "bad guy" the average family protection dog will likely never encounter during his entire lifetime.

American Bulldog Personal Protection dog safety and stability with childPack protection drive on the other hand is a drive to protect and defend and to most passionately protect and defend the females and puppies in the pack; i.e., mom and the kids.

Left, Camo as a puppy with my son. Today as an adult and a very serious Personal Protection dog Camo is the exact same with the kids.

The pack protection drive is not activated without the presence of a threat. Well socialized dogs do not generally perceive the existence of a "threat" in normal human interactions and environments it has been socialized to interpret as normal. A child running across the yard has no chance of activating the pack protection drive in a dog that is familiar with children running and playing. By comparison dogs with high prey drive such as the Belgian and German Shepherds look great in Schutzhund demonstrations but are much more likely to attack children at play, other dogs, etc. In the American Bulldog, Bandogge and other Mastiff breeds it is the pack protection or "defense drive" that has been refined by breeders since ancient times.

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A Working Dog Scenario, Fictional But Realistic
Behaviors Owners & Professional Handlers Can Get
With Socialized & Trained American Bulldogs & Bandogges

Imagine a truly happy, joyful dog who loves to be part of the group. He has a good attitude, always ready for fun and games. You rarely put a leash on him and you don't even own a muzzle.

Strangers walk up and pet the dog through the open window of your car. You don't need to watch him carefully - or watch the strangers either, because he's there watching them. You're a police officer and this dog is your K-9 partner. Your department phased out their kennel and associated expenditures years ago. This dog lives in your house with you and your family. You have no containment strategy beyond a standard back yard.

Off duty the dog attends children's birthday parties, where he's been dressed in costumes, worn lipstick, been harnessed to wagons and of course been teased by those children that sometimes tease dogs when no one is looking. The dog's most abhorrent behavior: Petty Larceny - the occasional theft of ice cream cones from owners standing less than four feet in height.

This is also a dog you have regularly taken to a nearby retirement home and a children's hospital, because he is so gentle and so well behaved he is also a Certified Therapy Dog.

Now imagine you're on the job patrolling a visiting carnival. From a distance you witness a man snatch a small child from her mother's hand, fleeing quickly into a crowd. The dog is already running as you reach for your radio and give pursuit. He wasn't on a leash. You issued no command. He's a different kind of dog, working as much by instinct as by training. He saw what you saw and self-initiated. That same innate understanding of human beings making him safe around nice people, makes this dog the worst nightmare for those with ill intent.

Your dog is out of sight when he catches that man, more than 100 pounds of high density, war dog muscle slamming him to the ground with the force of a freight train. If the man surrenders the dog sits on him calmly awaiting your arrival, no biting or furious shaking required. If the man resists he's met by an aligator-like death grip. This man does resist. However, no matter what that man does to him, that dog will never let him go, and he will also use no more force than necessary to hold him.

When you finally reach the scene you issue the recall. The dog just immediately releases your suspect. There's none of that progressive disengagement stuff common with so many prey driven dogs. You didn't need to make yourself off balance and vulnerable to the perpetrator by yanking at the dog's leash, harness or collar to pull him off. He sits down and stays down as you put cuffs on Mr. Bad Guy. Far from resisting any further Mr. Bad Guy eyes the dog nervously, glad you're there to take him into "protective custody" from the dog.

Your dog is cool as a cucumber, just sitting there bleeding. He gently kisses the recently rescued little girl to comfort her - as if he did not just chase a man for 45 minutes through a busy, tightly packed urban neighborhood; as if he did not just sustain multiple knife wounds and stop a capital crime.

Such dogs exist in every breed used by police, but they are unusual. However, this is the reasonably expected temperament of basically all American Bulldogges and well bred Bandogges.

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