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American Bulldog and Bandogge puppies available for saleAVAILABLE: American Bulldogs & Bandogges
American Bulldog Puppies & Bandogge Puppies & Adults

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American Bulldog puppy     American Bulldog puppy
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American Bulldog puppy     American Bulldog puppy
American Bulldog puppy     American Bulldog puppyAmerican Bulldog puppy     American Bulldog puppyAmerican Bulldog puppy     Bandog puppy 4


AVAILABILITY: All available puppies and adult dogs can be found on this page. At seven weeks of age CBRK sends out puppy announcements by email to parties having previously expressed interest. (Email us if you wish to be notified when puppies are available). This allows a window of opportunity to exist in which those receiving puppy announcement emails can act quickly and secure their pick before puppies are advertised. Shortly after that we place the puppies on the website for the general public.

NOTIFICATION (PUPPY ANNOUNCEMENTS): Puppy announcements include photographs of each puppy and detailed descriptions of size, structure, temperament, color and a frank assessment. This allows, should you so desire, to pick by photograph with confidence.

SELECTION & PICK LIST: Buyers are not required to pick by photographs. CBRK also welcomes visitors by appointment. For the safety of the puppies we do not allow visitors prior to puppies being five weeks of age. Selection of puppies is made on a first come first served basis for whomever responds to puppy announcements first, second and so on.

If you wish to have first pick on any litter expected you may make deposit in advance to secure first pick. We do not take deposits on second and third pick, etc. before puppies are five weeks old.

GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT UPDATES: After making your pick and deposit you can expect to receive updates on the growth and development of your puppy, in the form of emails and pics.

PUPPY PRICING: The price range for all puppies is $1,000.00 to $2,500.00 depending upon the qualities of the individual puppy and who the parents are.

STARTED/FINISHED DOG PRICING: The price range for all trained dogs is $5,000.00 to $15,000.00 depending upon the qualities of the dog and the training level achieved. As a rough guideline a $5,000.00 dog is generally an older puppy or very young adult, house training completed and basic obedience training begun. A $15,000.00 dog is an elite, very high quality and highly trained adult dog. Such dogs have achieved advanced obedience training and are family oriented Personal Protection dogs.

DEPOSITS: Intended purchasers should contact CBRK by email or email form, informing us of your desired pick and that you are ready to immediately make your non-refundable deposit. We will confirm your pick, tell you where and how to make deposit and hold your pick for 10 days awaiting your deposit if it is being sent by post. Deposit amounts are: $400.00 for first pick male or female and $200.00 for all subsequent picks in the pick order. All deposits are non-refundable, however, deposits are deducted from the total cost of the dog. You can read our full disclosure regarding payments made on our Policies & Procedures page here.

FINAL PAYMENT: Full payment is required before pick-up or delivery, or in person at time of pick up. If paying in person on day of pick up we cannot accept personal checks. If you wish to make final payment by check, please assure that your check has been sent and has time to clear the bank before the intended date of pick up.

AGE OF RELEASE: No CBRK puppies are ever released to go to their new homes before 10 weeks of age, preferably 12 weeks of age. As professional trainers we know that many if not most more serious behavior problems observed in adult dogs are the result of a process that began with early puppy separation from parents and siblings. Daniel Blasco over at Blasco Family Bulldogs has a good article on this topic we at CBRK encourage you to read as part of your research: Dog Temperament, Early Pack Socialization and Bite Inhibition...

SHIPPING: We ship puppies worldwide. Within the continental U.S., Alaska and Canada this adds $500.00 to the cost of the puppy. Shipping costs to other approved venues are researched on a case by case basis and may incur higher shipping rates. We will research and inform you of exact shipping rates for your location before accepting your deposit.

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