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American Bulldog puppies Focused on good health, structure and stable-minded, strictly family oriented protection dogs, CBRK (Coffelt's Black Rock Kennel) are the professional, conscientious breeders of quality American Bulldogs and Bandogges. Apart from elite American Bulldog and Bandogge puppies, CBRK also provides trained adult dogs. CBRK specializes in developing highly effective and family raised Personal Protection dogs for select families worldwide. CBRK are also professional, multi-breed, on-location dog trainers. We serve northern Virginia and Washington, DC, with an emphasis on corrective and new dog training.

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There's a Difference Between Family Dogs, Police Dogs &
CBRK Family-Safe Personal Protection American Bulldogs & Bandogges

Bandog puppiesThere are hundreds of various dog breeds and mixed breed dogs well suited for family companionship. CBRK loves and deals with all of them through our CBRK REAL WORLD DOG TRAINING services. There are also quite a few dogs considered guard or "personal protection" dog breeds that we also deal with and love immensely. However, unknown to most moms and dads looking for a dog to protect their family, very few dogs are capable of fulfilling both roles: That of gentle, stable-minded family dogs and also highly capable guard dogs.

American Bulldogs for adoptionMost often the typical "family dog" does not make a genuinely effective protection dog. Similarly, most police type dogs with police type training are not famous for their child safety. Those rare Police K-9s that go home with their handler every night (rather than a professional kennel compound) still usually go to a special containment pen, separating them from the handler's family. There's not many off-duty Police K-9s found laying calmly on a couch while a four year old drives a toy truck over them and pulls their ears. Stable family protection is just not their specialty.

Kids with American Bulldogs and Bandogges The American Bulldog, Bandogges and other Mastiff breeds are dogs that stand out as brazen exceptions to this situation. Well known for their stable temperaments, they are capable of being among the largest, fiercest Personal Protection dogs on earth, while also being safe, calm and deeply loving family dogs. You can read more about what makes these dogs so special in our article What is An American Bulldog?, on our American Bulldog boy Camo's page, and on our CBRK About Us page as well.

At CBRK, we breed both dogs, elite, very high quality purebred American Bulldogs and even larger, often quite beautiful and unique Bandogges. We sell both puppies and trained adults to select families worldwide. If you're looking for a truly elite American Bulldog or Bandogge puppy, or if you're ready to invest in a professionally trained adult family guardian, please feel free to contact CBRK by email or contact form or phone at: 540.905.3155.


Learn about CBRK REAL WORLD DOG TRAINING right here!!!


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